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    I have all the family, including elderly relatives coming on Boxing Day. Yesterday I prepared three fish pies, 2 with prawns and one without. All the fish was fresh and had not been frozen previously. All three fish pies contained hard boiled eggs. I cooked all three pies and froze them quickly after cooking. Now […]

    Do you have any commerative Poppy pins available?

    Had this, the greatest cheese I've ever tasted in a trip to Scotland. Can you import this?

    Hi, I was wondering if you sell your products in any brick and mortar supermarkets? Or are they only available through your website? Thanks Ivan

    Have you got any frozen aunt besides yorkshire puds

    I used to live close to the Largo shop but am presently residing N.Ireland. I would like to order some goodies from the Largo shop,to be delivered to a friend in Clearwater (Island Way). I would be paying in dollars through BofAmerica. What is the easiest way to do this?

    Well some people do many things to avoid seeing me,but,moving to Florida is a bit much. Now retired after too many years travelling ( in the end I had worked in 42 countries) so trying to catch up with my past life.As part of that intended to "seek you out" in Scotland and in trying […]

    What is your all-time favorite British dish to make for the holidays?

    What is your favorite pastie recipe and what is in them?