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    Mature Blue Stilton

    Mr. Cooper Thornhill, owner of the Bell Inn on the Great North Road in the town of Stilton, England, was the original pioneer of Blue Stilton, commonly referred to as “The King of Cheeses.”
    In 1730, Mr. Thornhill discovered a distinctive blue cheese while visiting a small farm in rural Leicestershire. He fell in love with the cheese and forged a business arrangement that granted the Bell Inn exclusive marketing rights to Blue Stilton.
    Soon thereafter, wagon loads of cheese were being delivered to the Inn. Since the main stagecoach routes from London to the North of England passed through the village of Stilton, he was able to promote the sale of this cheese and the legend of Stilton rapidly spread far and wide.
    The extraordinary flavor comes from careful aging for a minimum of three months. This Stilton is produced in Leicestershire and is full, rich and creamy. Its shocking blue veins radiate outward from a natural, crinkly brown crust, revealing layers and folds of honeyed, cheddary flavor.
    We recommend this mature Stilton as a pure table (eating) cheese– it is too precious and delicious to submerge in a dressing or dip.


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