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     Sharp Mature English Farmhouse Cheddar by Taw Valley Creamery

    This cheddar comes to us from the heart of the Devon countryside in the Southwest of England, made by Taw Valley Creamery. Taw Valley uses traditional methods with a secret blend of cultures and ages this cheddar for at least 12 months which gives this cheese a unique texture and flavor. The use of a Cheshire culture imparts a uniquely tangy, sweet and very rich taste. It is exquisitely rich and sharp with balances of sweet and salty notes. Proof of a well-aged cheese, it has delicate flavor crystals that create a crunchy texture and delightful tasting experience. Perfect for a classic Ploughman’s Lunch or sandwiches, melts well in sauces and grated over casseroles. A perfect cheddar for your cheese plate.

    • Made from pasteurized cow’s milk


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    We are offering this mature cheddar as our ” house ” cheese at a great price.


    Price: $3.85